Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Went Shopping

For bike parts, that is. I didn’t really need anything, but that doesn’t usually stop me. Okay, I think I might need one of these things.

Check out what showed up from Misfit Psycles da udda day:

While I am usually afraid of all things from Canada, I decided to give this a shot. A 19 tooth cog for my single speed bike might make things a little easier, but now I’m not so sure I want to use it yet. I survived 8 laps in a race riding an 18 tooth cog, so why would I even think about making it easier? The whole point of riding a single speed is to get stronger, so changing out to an easier cog is probably not a good idea. I guess I’ll just save it for another time.

Next up is something I really didn’t need, but for some reason I just had to have it.

Yes, another new saddle. I have plenty of places to plant my ass around here, but this was a deal too good to pass up. The WTB Valcon seems very similar to the Silverado I currently run on my geared bike, so hopefully I will like it. I’ll probably put it on my geared bike, and put the Silverado on my SS bike (it currently has a PureV which is okay, but not great.)

I can never make up my mind on bike shit, but when I finally do find something I stick to it. The Silverado had become my favorite saddle, but I’m hoping that the Valcon is close enough to it and I won’t notice the difference or maybe even like it better. I always have to learn the hard way (by wasting money sometimes.)

In other news, last night I finished building a bike out of spare parts (sorry, no photos.) I had a lot of shit that wasn't being used, so I put all that shit on a frame that wasn't being used to build a bike that won't be used (by me anyway.) Maybe it can find its way to someone else that needs a bike. The wheels are too small for me anyway. More details another time if I feel like it.

I guess that’s it for today. I have to get back to my “training.”


dicky said...

Yeah, your saddle has a wiener slot.


TheMutt said...

Yeah, where else am I gonna put it when I ride?

MikeD said...

What the hell is that burger thing?

TheMutt said...

It's a "Hungover Cyclist" from a restaurant called Kickstand here in Charlotte. A burger in the middle of two grilled cheese sandwiches. If I ever find myself having to request a last meal, that would be it.

Airtalynn said...

Personally I think your saddle looks like a dildo so I guess the wiener slot is appropriate.