Thursday, January 26, 2012

If You Wish Hard Enough

All your wildest dreams will come true.

Actually, my Grandma always told me to wish in one hand and shit in the other, and see which one fills up faster. That is far better logic in my opinion.

Anyway, back when I was talking about the Southern Classic Series schedule, I mentioned that I was disappointed that the race in Sanford was replacing the Uwharrie one again this year. I really wanted to “race” at Uwharrie, and I wondered why they couldn’t hold it there this year.

Well, it looks like I got what I wanted, since this has been added to the calendar:

Uwharrie, Troy, NC - June 10th

Oh hell yes. I'm so glad they added this race to the schedule. When the Winter Series is over, I planned to do most of my “training rides” at Uwharrie anyway, just for the difficulty factor. The local trails here don’t give me much of a challenge, so I plan to only ride them whenever I don’t have time to get outta town. Uwharrie is hella fun anyway, and if I ride my single speed out there I can double the pain. Oh joy.

In other news, the jury is still out on my new seat.

It’s okay so far, but it’s not exactly like the Silverado that I had on there (and moved over to my SS bike.) It doesn’t flare up in the back like the Silverado, so it is taking some getting used to. Hopefully I will dig it, and not have to get another new seat. At least I got it on the cheap though, and it does match my geared bike. That’s what’s important, you know.

The weather around here has cleared up a bit, but it probably won’t last long. Rain is in the forecast again for late tonight/tomorrow, but hopefully the short track will dry out before Sunday. I’m ready to ride again, and my knee is feeling much better. Little Miss Sunshine noticed George’s comment a few days ago about getting a foam roller, so she’s been leaving hers out for me to use. That, combined with stretching and some body-weight squats, has left my knee feeling almost normal. I’ve even been able to get out on the SS bike on my local trail, Captain Jim Bob’s Space Adventure. I no longer have pain when I mash on the climbs, so I should be okay. Screw that going to the doctor shit. Internet advice is the only way to go.

I have a pretty cool announcement coming up, but I’ll save it for next week. Let’s just say that I get to help with something here locally that’s pretty cool. And yes, it’s about bikes. See y’all tomorrow.


Mr. Ryde said...

Screw doctors, internet rehab is the only way to go. Lets plan on some Uwharrie training rides together.

TheMutt said...

You got it buddy. We can bring Big Tater and his 65 pound bike too.

eastwood said...

Hope that new saddle works out for you, cause you know white saddles makes you faster... proven fact!

Anonymous said...

Flare ups and bike saddles is for a different blog.