Friday, May 3, 2013

Boys Weekend

This weekend, it will just be Lunchbox and I holding down the fort.  The little lady is going out of town with the Dirt Divas for their Spring Trip.  They’ll be in the mountains for yet another weekend of partying, mountain biking, and secret pillow fights.  You know, whatever it is that girls do when they get together.

That means that the kid and I get a bachelor weekend, and as of now we don’t really have much going on in the way of plans.  There are a few things we’re considering, but the beauty of it all is that we don’t really have to do anything.  That means that we’ll probably stay up way too late and sleep half of Saturday and Sunday away.

Actually, I have a pretty good idea what we might do.

Tomorrow, May the 4th, is Star Wars Day.  May the 4th be with you, get it?  In honor of this glorious occasion we’ll probably have a Star Wars marathon at the house, I'll drink a few beers, and maybe we'll even ride our bikes while wielding lightsabers.

We can do whatever we want, you know.

And yeah, since Friday is usually a slower day for visitors around here, I’m stopping right now.

See y’all Monday.

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Craig said...

Come to the Bike Luck Charity Ride 0830 at Uptown Cycles, $20, good cause, I signed up for the 32mile "road" ride which will be done on my talon of course.