Friday, May 17, 2013

I Still Haven’t Decided

Sorry about yesterday.  I was gone, and I didn’t even tell you I wouldn’t be here.  I’d like to tell you that I was on some super secret training mission in the mountains to help with my decision to race this weekend, but sadly that wasn’t the case.  I was stuck doing my day job, which lasted until well past midnight last night.  To make a long story short and less boring, we had a phone system crash in one of our facilities early yesterday morning.  I spent over sixteen hours getting everything going again.

Not the best way to spend my day, but the money is good.  Now I guess I can start shopping for a crabon Niner fork without any guilt whatsoever.

Anyway, the race.  I don’t know if I want to race on Sunday, and I have lots of reasons.  I’m heading to the mountains tomorrow morning bright and early for a fun ride, but even at a social pace I still plan to do plenty of miles (and climbing.)  If I’m not too worn out when I wake up Sunday morning, I still have to decide if I’m racing or not.

Even then I’ll have to make yet another decision.

Gears or no gears.

The course at the whitewater park is pretty good I guess, but there is no need to have gears or suspension (just ask Eastwood.)  If I race in the single speed class, I’m guaranteed to be nowhere near the podium since I’ll be racing against all those tiny little men.  However, the course is perfect for SS and a rigid fork, and I know I will have a blast.  Sounds good, right?

The other option is to race in the Clydesdale class, which is half the distance but most likely full of sandbaggers.  I used to have fun racing in that class, but it’s become way too serious.  It’s not about trying to get on the podium, rather it’s about racing against guys that have a disadvantage because they weigh a little extra (not “sport” racers that think they can guarantee themselves a top three finish.)  I wouldn’t be competitive in the sport class, so Clydesdale might be my best bet for “friendly competition.”

A quick check of the scale yesterday told me that I’m more than qualified.

That’s right about normal for me I guess.

I know, I blabbed on and didn’t really tell you shit about my decision.  I will most like figure it out when I get there in the morning.  I may just put on my volunteer hat for the whole day, and heckle the riders that want to go out there and race.

I’m sorta retired from cross country racing anyway.

See y’all Monday with some kind of bike riding report.

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