Monday, May 20, 2013

I Slept In

And it was good.

By doing so I eliminated all temptation to race on Sunday.  I was surprised that hanging out there watching people race that I didn’t feel any regrets, and maybe that’s a good thing.  Instead, I chatted with my fellow mountain bikers, watched a new single speeder race against a bunch of geared guys, and helped out my club with another fine event.

Retiring from cross country racing to ride for fun isn’t so bad.

Speaking of fun, I have a ride planned for tonight.  Well, I didn’t plan it but I plan to be there.  Pro mountain biker Sonya Looney is in town and there is a group ride scheduled this evening.

This should be pretty fun, although I’ll probably get dropped before the poo tracks.  At least I can cut out early and start drinking beer though.  Come join me (for the ride and/or the beer.)

Since I got a late start today, I’m way behind with my “other” responsibilities today.  I gotta get outta here.

Tomorrow will be some kind of ride report, either from tonight’s ride or the one I did Saturday.

Or none of the above.

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