Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Have Nothing Right Now

Well, other than a shitload of beer. I mean, I don’t really have a lot to say. That doesn’t usually stop me from posting up here every day, so let’s see where this takes us. I’ve been spending a little time taking care of some odds and ends. You know, housekeeping stuff.

No, not that kind of housekeeping. I mean that I’ve been doing a little bike work. After tons of racing, I had a few things to address. A squeaking bottom bracket, loose-ish headset, adding Stan’s to my tires, and all sorts of other general maintenance. I figured that this would be the perfect time to pull apart my bike and give it the once over. Nothing real bad, although it could be if I let it go on too much longer. After spending a little time on The Big O, I got everything ship shape. I then moved on to the road bike, which will probably start seeing a little more use in the coming weeks. After a quick tune up, I realized that I never mentioned yet another “upgrade.”

Yes, after riding my road bike with mountain pedals and shoes, I finally got some “real” road pedals. They are certainly entry level, and that’s fine by me. Of course I had to get some shoes to work with the new pedals.

I went with the Mavic Peloton, which looked pretty similar to my mountain shoes. I figured they would fit the same why, and I like not having to make a big adjustment when I get something new. They fit just like I thought they would.

Notice the hairy legs. For those of you that think I’m getting too serious about this roadie shit, you’re wrong. I won’t shave my legs, because that’s well, wrong. Well, unless I do what George did.

Anyway, leg shaving aside, I have noticed a difference when I ride with the new shoes and pedals. I feel like I have more power, and it is definitely more comfortable. I have a regular roadie group ride this weekend, so I’ll see if there is any improvement. Should be fun.

Since I didn’t really give you much in the way of entertainment today, I’ll share a video of some of my favorite things (besides beer and bikes): Family Guy and Star Wars.

See y’all tomorrow, with better stuff I hope.

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