Thursday, June 28, 2012

Return To Normalcy

What a weird word:  normalcy.  If you say it over and over, it sounds kinda funny. Anyway, in my best attempt to get things back to normal around here after suffering through eight hours on my single speed, I’m trying to get back into some kind of routine.  It’s really difficult for me this time of year, but I find it hard to focus without my kid being around.  While he doesn’t always ride with me, he is always there when I get home.  It’s hard not having him around.

Since the little lady had other plans Tuesday night (torturing herself on her own single speed), I really didn’t have to be home.  I decided to make the trek over to Lake Norman State Park to ride with the Dirt Divas.  I normally don’t go to Lake Norman more than once a year (and I’ve been there already this year), but riding with the Divas is always worth it. 

I got there plenty early and got a chance to socialize.  The ladies welcome everyone to come out on their rides, and I’m glad they let me hang around.  I’m just not sure if they like me taking pictures and posting them all over the Internets.

We divided up into two groups, beginner and intermediate.  The beginner group was a “true beginner” one, so I opted for the intermediate.  Since this was the first time back on my bike since the Tree Shaker, I wanted a nice easy pace.  I wasn’t sure if my legs could handle a fast ride.  And yes, the intermediate group is fast.

We stopped every so often to regroup, and I realized that my legs didn’t hurt at all.  I felt no ill effects from riding nearly sixty miles on a single speed a few days before, and I never really got tired.  I don’t think I even broke a sweat (it wasn’t hot outside at all.)  It was a fun, fast ride, and of course I had a blast.  One Diva wrecked out there, so I used my awesome first aid ability to help her out when we got back to the parking lot.  She will live to ride another day.

Oh yeah, I rode the SS.  I can’t seem to stay away from it for some reason.  My geared bike only seems to be for cross country racing now, and I even think that might come to an end one day.  I took off the 20 tooth cog I had on there for Saturday’s race and replaced it with my trusty 18.  I think that qualifies as back to normal.

Normal means I should have to work hard on every ride, and not have a chance to take it easy by shifting into a lower gear.  I’m getting a lot stronger by riding with only one gear, and I love it. 

See, the Dark Side ain't so bad.

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