Friday, June 1, 2012

A Week Later

And I’m still talking about the five days I had away from here.  Thursday, Little Miss Sunshine took the day off from work too and joined me for some fun on the bike.  Since she had never ridden at Warrior Creek before, this would be the perfect opportunity.  Also, since my back was feeling better, it would be perfect for me to do a little single speeding.

It rained a little bit on the way up to North Wilkesboro, but the trails were spared for the most part.  After parking and getting ready, we took it easy for the first little bit of trail.  It was a little muddy (and slippery), and we still needed to get out legs warmed up.  That gave me a chance to notice that the mile markers for the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek were still out there.

This one of course was sponsored by Backcountry Research, makers of such wonderful things like the Awesome Strap.

As the ride went on, we started picking up the pace.  Since I only had one gear, I had to mash my way up the climbs.  That meant that I would leave the little lady behind on occasion.  Luckily though, it gave me a chance to photograph her in action.

She did a great job out there for her first time on that trail.  As for me and my single speeding efforts, I really dug it.  It was, dare I say, easy?  I didn’t have any trouble making the climbs, and navigating the couple of technical sections seemed effortless.  Maybe next year when I race there I’ll do it on only one gear.

Did I mention that we stopped by the bar while we were riding?

When we got done, we were a little muddy.  Luckily, the parking lot has a bike wash.

We cleaned our bikes and ourselves, and headed down the road for more adventure.  We went out of our way a little bit to get to our next destination, but it was well worth it.

Since today is Friday though, I’m cutting it short so we can all get a head start on our weekend.  I’ll talk about our “mystery destination” next week sometime.  It also involves somewhat of a product review, so I need to get my shit together.  I also have a ton of shit planned for this weekend, so hopefully next week that means I’ll have plenty to talk about.

In the meantime, check out this Star Wars parody I found on the Internets da udda day.  If you are a youngin’ or have sensitive ears though, you might want to skip it.

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